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Mott’s® 100% Apple Mango Juice 6 pk., 8 oz. bottles

6-pk. available only at

Dolar General
MOTT's Apple Mango Fruit Juice
MO 100% Original Apple Juice

And for a limited time,
pick up Mott’s 100%
Original Apple Juice, 64 oz.
for only $2
now through 6/17/17.

  • This Worthy Life

    Question: Are you planning for the long hot days of summer? We are with our super cool Mott's 100% Apple Mango Juice & Cherry Lemonade Ice Pops. Our cool, cold creations are sure to be a frosty favorite with kids and adults alike. The really cool thing about this recipe is that it is super-duper easy to make and you can grab what you need at Dollar General!

    - This Worthy Life

  • Live Free Creatives

    We love stopping at Dollar General on the way out of town to grab bags of popcorn, pretzels, and other treats to have on hand in the car and during our outings. It is also the perfect place to pick up some bottles of Mott's 100% Juice, including the exclusive Apple Mango Juice 8-oz. 6-pack that my kids love. It is a little tangy and super refreshing for a summer outing. And they love that they each can have their own.

    - Live Free Creatives

  • All Things Mama

    Nothing says summer like Mott’s 100% Apple Mango Juice! These 8-oz. bottles are perfect for gatherings or on the go, and they’re exclusive to Dollar General, so you'll have to head there to pick up your own 6-pack of juice! Plus, Dollar General sells the juice at the lowest price, only $2.75! Get picnic ready with some crowd-pleasing recipes and Mott’s 100% Apple Mango Juice!

    - All Things Mama

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