Grilling is a sacred tradition

Friends don't let friends tailgate on an empty stomach.

Grab a spare AmeriGas®
Propane Exchange Cylinder at Dollar General!


True fans remain through the losing streaks, bad calls and inclement weather in hopes of those golden moments of athletic glory.

The same can be said of true tailgaters who stand by their grill, spatula in hand, to salute all that is charred and delicious.


Leave your soggy sandwiches behind, and fire up the grill!

zesty salsa burgers

This recipe makes four zesty patties and uses avocado, diced tomatoes and pepper jack cheese.

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grilling recipes at DG Easy Meals


AmeriGas Propane Exchange is the convenient,
quick and reliable way to get your propane.

Bring your cylinder to exchange, or buy a spare so you don't run out in the middle of the party!


Picking up an AmeriGas® Propane Exchange Cylinder at Dollar General is as EASY as:

1. Leave

your propane cylinder (no matter the brand) outside the store to make an exchange. Never bring cylinders indoors.

2. Pay

the cashier for either an exchange or purchase, and follow the attendant outside.

3. Grab

your new cylinder when the attendant opens the AmeriGas Propane Exchange area and enjoy!


Dollar General 200 Fueled by AmeriGas

find the nearest AmeriGas propane exchange at dollar general, and Get Grilling!

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Propane must be taken care of properly. Knowing the best way to handle your cylinder will get you the best value.

Placement of Your Grill & Propane Cylinders

  • Use your grill outdoors only.
  • Use your grill in a well-ventilated area.
  • Never grill or store a cylinder in any enclosed areas (including trailers, tents, houses and garages).
  • Ensure that the grill is firmly in place. It should be stable enough not to be tipped over.

Use of Your Grill

  • Read and follow the grill manual.
  • Once lit, never leave a grill unattended.
  • Use grilling utensils with long handles to help avoid burns and splatters.
  • Avoid clothing with hanging shirttails, apron strings, etc.
  • Do not allow children near the grill or cylinder.
  • Never attempt to move a hot grill.
  • Stay away from a hot grill, as the body remains hot for up to an hour after use.

Other Propane Cylinder Safety Tips

  • When transporting, keep cylinder secured in an upright position with cylinder valve turned off.
  • When in use, store and use cylinder in upright, vertical position.
  • When not connected for use, keep cylinder valve turned off.

By combining our safety precautions and your knowledge of best practices in using your AmeriGas Propane Cylinder, you can focus on the important things in life — like what's for dinner.