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10 Life Lessons I Have Embraced to Become a Better Me

10 Life Lessons to Become a Better You in 2017

By: Ayo Thomas

In December 2016, I saw many women posting on social media, sharing their excitement and high expectations for 2017 being a better year. Some even added early resolutions such as focusing on self-care, dumping toxic relationships, dating a better man or building a healthy marriage. A New Year’s resolution is a decision to do or not do something in order to accomplish a personal goal or break a habit. It is a commitment to improve your quality of living to become a better person. It is typical that at the onset of the new year, gym membership subscriptions increase, diet book sales skyrocket, and life coaching programs see a boost in revenue from those individuals needing assistance attaining those goals. But, for some reason, by the end of February, all of the momentum and enthusiasm begins to slow down. Next thing you know, the drive to change decreases and the resolutions take a back seat.

I believe resolutions are good. However, due to personal experiences, I decided to stop making resolutions. Instead, I have decided to focus on lessons I learned in life to help propel me forward in excellence. Have you ever heard of the saying “experience is the best teacher”? Much of what we understand today has been learned through experience. These experiences give us insight into what we want and what we don’t want and transform us into better human beings. Whether good, bad or ugly, experiences ultimately function as life lessons that can provide guidance for our future.

So, instead of making resolutions, I created goals around life lessons. This has helped to keep me focused, motivated and inspired. Many of these lessons also helped me to grow professionally, personally and spiritually. As a woman of excellence, I believe in sharing lessons I have learned in hopes of helping and encouraging others in their life journey.

1.​ It’s Okay to Say No  
Saying no to things that do not add value to my life or propel me toward purpose has been the greatest freedom I’ve ever discovered. Learn to say no in 2017and walk away with peace.

2.​ Let Go  
Holding onto old issues of the past will hinder you from living in the present and walking into the future. Letting go empowers you to rise from the ashes of hard situations so your light can shine. Make a commitment to let go of anything that will delay your progress in 2017.

3.​ Live in Your Truth  
Often, we hide behind our pain, afraid of the opinions of others. I have learned not to be ashamed of my past or mask the pain. Never be afraid to live and walk in your truth, it will lead to divine healing.

4.​ You Are Enough  
Living life as if you do not have anything to offer is a direct insult to your Creator, family and friends. I have learned that I was created with everything I need to succeed. All you have to do is believe that you are enough.

5.​ Never Compare Yourself
A wise book that I read often says, “Only FOOLS compare themselves to others.” I have learned to keep my eyes on my goals and dreams by not focusing on others.  You can only stay ahead by looking forward.

6.​ Being Normal Is So Boring  
Why settle for average? I have learned to step outside of my comfort zone to discover more about who I am by tapping into my inner creative genius. Decide to explore in 2017 by doing something different. You will be surprised how much a little adventure and exploration can inspire you!

7. Do Not Apologize  
Never apologize for being great or successful. I have learned that walking in greatness should make others feel uncomfortable. Celebrate your accomplishments in 2017 unapologetically.

8.​ Focus on the Solution, Not the Problem  

Successful people do not focus on the problem, but find innovative ways to solve them. I have learned that magnifying the problem will only waste time and energy. Figure out creative ways to solve your problems.

9.​ You Need a Plan  

Ever heard of the saying “fail to plan, plan to fail”? It’s so true! Many times we think we can just live life without a roadmap hoping to make it to our destination. I have learned creating a solid plan to accompany your vision will lead to success. Be sure to develop a plan for 2017 to stay on track.

10.​ Invest in Yourself  
Nothing in life comes for free! I have learned to invest in myself if I want to become successful. Investing in myself includes self-care activities, training, reading and researching, and building valuable relationships. Make a decision to invest in yourself in 2017 and watch how much your life will change!

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