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On, your advertising will be part of a unique and customized experience that engages, informs and guides shoppers at just the right time. Reach your audience with content that is informative, useful and uniquely integrated. Then track, optimize and gain valuable insight to the true impact of your campaign, beyond the click.

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Triad Retail Media is the leader in online retail media. We work with many of the world's largest retail e-commerce sites to unite brands with highly engaged shoppers at exactly the right time — while they're in the retail shopping mindset. We deliver exceptional results through innovative, targeted and engaging online advertising that turns shoppers into buyers.

Ways to Advertise on the Site

  • IAB standard ad units
  • Responsive brand pages
  • Online, mobile, social and audience extension media
  • Share N Save programs
  • Custom videos
  • Easy Meals, For the Home and Pet Center integration
  • Samples
  • Print at Home and Digital Coupons
  • Annual programs
  • Custom programs
  • Seasonal opportunities
  • In-store event support

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